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The Cisco Networking Academy program provides students from all backgrounds and experiences with essential networking, Information Technology (IT), programming, and cybersecurity skills to empower them with career opportunities in a competitive global economy.

Cisco Networking Academy is a global education community based on partnerships between Cisco, and Gandhinagar University. The program prepares students for higher education in computer science and engineering, as well as for networking, programming, and cybersecurity-related jobs in the public and private sectors. It creates a qualified talent pool that can design, build, protect, and maintain network infrastructures. Cisco Networking Academy delivers courses based on the types of skills a student needs to be successful in the IT workforce of today and tomorrow. These courses include interactive learning tools and hands-on labs that use technology to provide guidance and opportunities for exploration and experimentation.

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) is a Three-Year Undergraduate Program that deals with the principles and applications of computing. B.Sc. in IT enables students to develop an understanding of the importance and functionality of IT Systems and make them job ready for various IT Sectors as well as academics. B.Sc. in CS enables students to get ready for the jobs in various domains like hardware, networking, development and academics. B.Sc. in DS enables students to have a strong grip on the technological skills needed to effectively collect, wrangle, mine, and envision data.
These are the Cisco Certification-aligned courses developed by Netacad:
These are certification-aligned courses developed by Netacad Partners:
These are other courses designed by Netacad:

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