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Mathematics and Humanities Department is a concomitant and best performing interdisciplinary department. The Department offers in-depth knowledge in the fields of mathematics, physics and technical communication. It provides each student with the motivation to learn and the acquisition of the basics to strengthen the ability of individuals with intellectual discipline and analytic thinking. The objective of the department is to increase students’ knowledge and understand the basic concepts of basic mathematics, science and language that enable them to improve their applicative skills in the engineering profession.


Enhance the necessary knowledge of Mathematics and Humanities to empower the youthful engineers serve the desires of the community.



Mathematics is an integral part of various engineering branches. Engineering mathematics is the art of applying Mathematics to complex real-world problems; combining mathematical theory, practical engineering and scientific computing to address today’s technological challenges. Students can get fundamental background knowledge in their first year of engineering. They emphasize on Vector calculus, Linear algebra, Fourier series, Laplace transforms, Differential equations. In the second year, a study is made of Complex analysis, Partial differential equations and Numerical Techniques to solve higher order differential equations, modelling and solve engineering problems related to heat flows, wave equations and laplace equations. In the current trend of smart world technology, Basic probability, Applications of Statistics and Discrete Mathematics can help students easily deal with artificial intelligence and machine learning.


It is the study of real-world and natural phenomena behaviour. It gives a foundational knowledge of fundamental ideas through theory and application. This subject is likewise intended for cross-functionality, bridging the gap between theoretical science and practical engineering with an emphasis on research and development, design, and analysis. Physics fosters understanding of the workings of the world around us and serves as a driving force in the advancement of technology. Nonlinear Optics, Dielectric and Magnetic Materials, Architectural Acoustics, Superconducting Materials, Advanced Engineering Materials, Optoelectronic Devices, Different Measurement Techniques for Scientific Analysis of Material, Classical Mechanics and Dynamics etc. are covered in Engineering Physics.

Effective Technical Communication

Effective Technical Communication helps to enhance the communication skills for students pursuing technical courses. It enables them mastering all the four dimensions of communications—listening, speaking, reading and writing. It caters the need of budding engineers to develop interpersonal, social and professional spheres of life. It holds a significant key in 21st Century. It helps the students to develop interview skills. The department is fully equipped with a good language laboratory to impart the language skills successfully and make the students industry ready.

What Students Learn

What Students Learn

Faculty Members

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